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VAL SAINT LAMBERT is the name of an ancient abbey. In 1826 two Frenchmen bought the deserted building and opened a crystal manufactory. The 'Val Saint Lambert' crystal became world famous. The factory reached its pinnacle shortly before the first World War when every day more than 5000 people made about a 160.000 crystal items. The crystal vases and other decorative elements found their way to houses all over the world.
Val Saint Lambert crystal was famous for its purity and exceptional brilliance. The depression of the 1930's changed everything. From then on the sales kept going down and, although the Belgian government kept subsidizing the plant until 1987, it never found its old glory back.
In 1987 a Belgian manager bought the factory and succeeded in making it relatively successful again. Nowadays the Val Saint Lambert plant produces again a total of 1.400 different items (from vases to ash trays, etc.)
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The factory can be visited. Tourists and visitors can enjoy a demonstration of glass-blowing and crystal-engraving. There is also a beautiful showroom where the items on display can be bought.There is also a museum on the grounds of Val Saint Lambert where a unique collection of ancient crystal ware from all over the world can be admired.

The building also houses a restaurant. At the moment, the old abbey in front of the factory is being completely renovated.

Here is a list of Val Saint Lambert Crystal items you can find at the Belgian crystalfactory :

stemware, dedanters, bar, glasses, candlesticks, ashtrays, clocks, paperweights, animals, sculptures, vases, bowls, jewels, walkingsticks, parfumm bottles, art, interior design, bathrooms, light, accessories, crystallized floor, raw material, jewellery, design, decoration, perfume bottles, lingerie, trophies, business gifts, relation gifts.

Master craftsmen from the four corners of the world

Repository of precious expertise and a unique collective experience, the Crystal Factory of Val Saint-Lambert has constantly enriched the range of works it offers, as artists of international repute have joined us. People such as M. Szekely, B. Sipak, Ph. Starck, F. Van Praet, K. De Sousa, Y. Zoritchac and many others. Today, the Val Saint-Lambert has a presence in over forty countries, from the U.S.A., Saudi Arabia and Spain to Japan.

Supplier to Royal Families, producer of prestigious unique pieces and trophies, Val Saint-Lambert is also famous for its superb creations of "double coloured cut" crystal. Val Saint-Lambert today also produces, very successfully, a sober and seductive range of clear crystal that it calls "The Val in Everyday Life". A modern style and user-friendliness combine to give birth to simple, solid and beautiful objects (glasses, tumblers, vases and ashtrays) designed for everyday use.


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